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HeatMaster features Titanium enhanced 409 Stainless Steel, the very best in heat transfer and durability.

Shaker grates, coal capability and a convenient ash drawer. Long burn times.  

Three models of EPA approved boilers. These are applicable for inside use or outdoor and use about 1/2 the wood of a conventional boiler and still with easy and simple maintenance. 

Family-owned HeatMaster began manufacturing its own line of Outdoor Furnaces in 2001.


1. Better for your wallet – Reduces utility costs and virtually eliminates your heating bill.

2. Better for your safety – By taking the risk of fire outside of the home, it removes the dangers associated with indoor burning including chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning or oxygen depletion.

3. Better for your health -Keeps all problems associated with indoor wood burning (smoke, ashes, odor, soot buildup, air quality) and indoor wood storage (bugs, rodents) outside and away from your home.

4. Better for meeting all your heating needs -Can be used with most existing heating systems and has the ability to heat multiple buildings and domestic hot water.

You can also be assured that after purchase of you HeatMaster furnace, you will continue to receive prompt, after-sales service throughout the life of your unit. Each furnace is inspected and tested before it leaves the plant and is guaranteed with the HeatMaster Lifetime Limited Warranty. Eco Heating Solutions  will be pleased to help you choose the right furnace to meet your needs .

More information on the entire line of HeatMaster products can be found at www.heatmasterss.com