HOSS Single Flue

Hoss Truck LoadStandard Flue











Width 63″
Length 78″
Height 97″
Max BTU/Hour Output 380,000
Water Capacity (US Gallons) 308 Gallons
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 3174
Firebox Dimensions 36”w X – 36”h X – 40”deep
Door Opening Size 30”w X – 33½”h
Supply/Return Port Pairs Two Pairs
Warranty Lifetime



Width 63″
Length 89″
Height 104″
Max BTU/Hour Output 485,000
Water Capacity (US Gallons) 404 Gallons
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 3482
Firebox Dimensions 36”w X – 42”h X – 48” deep
Door Opening Size 30”w X 39½”h
Supply/Return Port Pairs Three Pairs
Warranty Lifetime



Width 63″
Length 101″
Height 111″
Max BTU/Hour Output 600,000
Water Capacity (US Gallons) 614 Gallons
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 4538
Firebox Dimensions 36”w X – 48”h X – 60” deep
Door Opening Size 30”w X – 42½”h
Supply/Return Port Pairs Four Pairs
Warranty Lifetime
All Models Include:


HYBRID OCTAGONAL DESIGN to reduce risk of ash corrosion, maximize heat transfer surface area, and minimize weld seams

Super-Efficient Fan-forced Central Air Supply to generate Maximum BTU Output while producing minimal ash residue

Formed ¼” Thick Steel Water Jacket with external anti-corrosion treatment

100% Certified, Grade-stamped, AMERICAN STEEL

EXTRA LARGE LOADING DOOR with ceramic insulation and Heavy Duty 2” rope gasket

Self-adjusting Door Latch with safety catch

Heavy Duty Grate made with ¾” cold rolled steel (optional shaker grates available)

Rodent treated R38 Fiberglass Insulation with Solar Guard

Unique Expansion Tank reduces internal corrosion, heat loss, and water loss

Multiple 1” Supply & Return Ports are standard

Pre-wired and Pre-plumbed from the factory including a Circulation Pump

Full Length, 7” Heavy Duty Channel Steel Skids

Approved for burning WOOD or COAL

Convenient Ash Removal System