HOSS Testimonials





“I bought a Hoss 300 HE outdoor furnace. It heats my house, shop, and hot water. I would highly recommend a Hoss heater. Well built! These guys were great!”
Jeff F.

I bought a 400 HE Hoss outdoor furnace to heat my house. I am really pleased with the quality and craftsmanship. The unit should out live me! My overall experience was Great. Good folks to deal with.”
Charlie H.

“I got the Hoss 300 in Oct. 2012, best investment I’ve made in years. Electric bill dropped 75%. Heat was plentiful and hot water to spare. With the largest door, firebox, water capacity, highest BTU’s as any I’ve seen. I researched outdoor wood furnaces for years; the Hoss has everything I was looking for and I give it a 10!”
Vardell H.

“I bought a Hoss 400 HE outdoor wood furnace unit. When I looked into buying a wood furnace, the engineer in me has to evaluate the long term life that is expected and what bumps in the road may occur during that lifetime. When you look at the robust deign in the wall thickness of the firebox and the flues, the strength of the water jacket, the simplicity of the subcomponents, and often overlooked ease of loading (just look at the opening size of this door!), you would be hard pressed to get more value for your money. Having customers happy to speak with you 15 years down the road speaks for its value.”
Christiaan G

“I bought a Hoss 400 HE. I really appreciate all the help with choosing my stove to best fit my needs. Everyone was friendly and answered any questions! You will not regret buying one of these stove’s, because the service you will recieve is awesome. Thanks for all the advice.”
Jeremy Saylor